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Free movement of workers is good for Europe's economy

ESF-European Social FundA European Commission report published today shows that mobile workers from the countries that joined the EU in 2004 and 2007 have had a positive impact on Member States' economies and have not led to serious disturbances on their labour markets. Workers from the EU-8 as well as Bulgaria and Romania have made a significant contribution to sustained economic growth, without significantly displacing local workers or driving down their wages. Both for the EU as a whole and for most individual countries, labour flows have been limited compared to the size of labour markets and to inflows from non-EU countries.

Download this file (IP-08-1729_BG.pdf)Press release in Bulgarian[Свободното движение на работници е положителен фактор за европейската икономика ]119 kB
Download this file (IP-08-1729_EN.pdf)Press release in English[Free movement of workers is good for Europe's economy]76 kB
Download this file (IP-08-1729_FR.pdf)Press release in French[La libre circulation des travailleurs est positive pour l'économie de l'Europe ]78 kB
Download this file (IP-08-1729_PT.pdf)Press release in Potuguese[Livre circulação de trabalhadores é positiva para a economia da Europa ]77 kB
Download this file (IP-08-1729_RO.pdf)Press release in Romanian[Libera circulație a lucrătorilor are efecte pozitive pentru economia Europei ]107 kB

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Employment in Europe 2008

ESF - European Social Fund

What is the Employment in Europe report?

This is the 20th annual edition of the Employment in Europe report, which has become one of the main tools of the European Commission in supporting Member States in the analysis, formulation and implementation of their employment policies.

The Employment in Europe report 2008, as in previous years, addresses topics that are high on the European Union's employment policy agenda.

Download this file (MEMO-08-719_EN.pdf)Memo in English[present Memo on Employment in Europe 2008 by EC]319 kB

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IAS Université d'été - 28-29 August 2008 - Poitiers, France

IAS - Institut international d'Audit SocialIAS, The International institute of Social Audit is organising a summer university on Social Audit and globalisation.

This summer university took place in Poitiers at ESCEM Campus...

Download this file (bulletin_d_inscription_IAS_Poitiers_2008.pdf)bulletin_d_inscription_IAS_Poitiers_2008.pdf[Registration form (in French) to the IAS summer university 28-29 August 2008 in Poitiers, France]1270 kB

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Employment in Europe Report

Employment in Europe Report"Employment in Europe" is the main tool of the Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities DG for the analysis of employment performance and labour market developments in the European Union, the Acceding and the Candidate Countries. It provides the basic analytical and statistical background to underpin the Joint Employment Report as well as other instruments key to the European Employment Strategy.

Download this file (COM-EN.pdf)Key messages in English[Key messages from the Employment in Europe 2008 Report by the European Commission]44 kB
Download this file (COM-FR.pdf)Messages clés en Français[Messages clés sur l'Emploi en Europe - Rapport 2008 de la Commission européenne]47 kB
Download this file (EUL1413_EmplEurope_Web_TOC.pdf)Report 2008 in English[Employment in Europe Report 2008 by the European Commission]11198 kB

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