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European e-Competence Framework – A common framework for ICT professionals in all industry sectors

The European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) provides uniquely, a pan-European reference for ICT professional competences across all industry sectors. The framework is part of the European Commission’s e-skills strategy for the 21st century and it was published by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). ICT stakeholder feedback regarding practical use of the e-CF demonstrates that the framework has the potential to become a major European asset.

Article by Johanna Snellman
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The European e-Competence Framework version 1.0 provides a basic, clear and sound orientation for companies and further ICT sector players who need to take decisions about recruitment, career paths, training, assessment, etc. It articulates knowledge, skills and competence as needed and applied in the ICT workplace for the ICT industry as well as in the public sector.

32 ICT practitioner and manager competences on a European scale

This European reference framework makes a link between national and company systems. It jointly defines 32 ICT practitioner and manager competences, classified according to their corresponding ICT business areas. These are further specified on five proficiency levels (e-1 to e-5) which are related to the European Qualification Framework (EQF) levels 3-8. This provides a European basis for internationally efficient personnel planning and development.

e-CF user guidelines and international application examples

The “User guidelines for the application of the e-Competence Framework by ICT sector players” provide hints and ideas of framework use by ICT demand and supply companies, qualification and certification bodies, research institutions, sector associations and individuals.

ICT stakeholder feedback regarding practical use of the e-CF is very encouraging. Specific application examples coming e.g. from large companies and SME’s, national ministries, trade unions, qualification and certification providers in France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Sweden, Québec, Hungary, The Netherlands and EU level organisations demonstrate that the framework has the potential to become a major European asset.

European e-Competence Framework in action – e-CF maintenance and update

To keep a framework relevant, its maintenance is vital. Current “e-CF in action” work aims at maintaining and updating the framework in all four dimensions and at further facilitating framework access and use by end-users in daily business environment, qualification providing institutions, politics and research.

The “e-CF in Action” results, including the updated and further developed European e-Competence Framework version 2.0, are expected to be available in Autumn 2010.

For further information and e-CF download see:
Jutta Breyer, breyer publico consulting and CEN “e-CF in action” project leader


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