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News on Corporate Social Responsibility

Thematic guide on CSR by Syntec Informatique (French)

Syntec Informatique - CSR guide (FR)This guide on CSR by Syntec Informatique aims at supporting our IT enterprise members in implementing a progress approach in terms of environmental and social/societal issues. How IT can contribute to sustainable development and therefore how our sector and professionals can add value on these topics and for their enterprise as well.
This is a practical guide for any kind of enterprises, and especially SME’s, to better cease the opportunity of sustainable development and to better answer CSR requests..

Source: Syntec Informatique

Download this file (ThemaTICThemaTIC_17_Guide_RSE.pdf)ThemaTICThemaTIC_17_Guide_RSE.pdf[Syntec Informatique - Guide RSE (FR)]163 kB

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