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Combating poverty and social exclusion: A statistical portrait of the European Union 2010

Statistical portrait of poverty in Europe in 2010Building a more inclusive Europe is considered vital to achieve the EU's goals of sustained economic growth, more and better jobs, and greater social cohesion.

It is hoped that such solidarity will be further promoted through the designation of 2010 as the European year for combating poverty and social exclusion. Nevertheless, just over 84 million persons, or 17 % of the EU-27's population were at-risk-of-poverty in 2007, while a similar proportion (17 %) of the total EU-27 population suffered from material deprivation. There was a clear overlap between those who were at-risk-poverty and those suffering from, among others, being unable to face unexpected expenses, afford a holiday, keep their home adequately warm, or being able to afford a car.
'Combating poverty and social exclusion: A statistical portrait of the European Union 2010' presents a broad range of statistical concepts and indicators from social statistics. The publication explores poverty and social exclusion across the 27 Member States, as well as providing (whenever possible) information about candidate and EFTA countries. A data code is included as part of the source under each table and graph to allow readers to easily access extended data sets or the most recent data available on the Eurostat website.



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