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Hermes-OSR Label

Hermes-OSR Accreditation Committee - Decisions

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  • A training organisation which wants to get one of their training offers accredited under the Hermes-OSR label has to submit a proposal of project of accreditation to the Accreditation Committee via the Administrative Secretariat.
  • Then the Accreditation Committee schedules the evaluation of the proposal in order to be assessed at the soonest meeting of the Accreditation Committee (depending as well on the number of proposals and available evaluation resources: first presented, first assessed). Accreditation sessions take place every two months or an ad-hoc basis provided that at least 60% of members are participating.
  • The evaluation of a proposal can be conducted by one or several experts of the Accreditation Committee. In case of high volume of accreditation processes to evaluate, the Accreditation Committee can ask external experts to participate in the process, but the Accreditation Committee will assess these external evaluations before taking decision.
  • Accreditation sessions can take place using collaborative web-conference systems.
  • Decisions to deliver accreditation are taken jointly via a vote by the participating members of the Accreditation Committee jointly after evaluation on each proposal individually. In case of equality, FLA’s vote has a pre-dominant role.
  • The Administrative Secretariat maintains the accreditation registry and the certification registry.

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