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Hermes-OSR Accreditation Committee - Duration and changes

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  • The Hermes-OSR Accreditation Committee structure and its members are defined for 5 years.
  • However, this composition can be revised at any time on duly explained motivations expressed by the Accreditation Committee or by the Administrative Secretariat, and validated by the Hermes-OSR body owners of the process.
  • In case of change of a representative person within an organisation, this composition can be revised under the monitoring of the Pilot of the Accreditation Committee. This change has to be validated by the Hermes-OSR body.
  • There is no automatic transfer of representation to another person of the same organisation (except when a deputy has been validated priory).
  • A person cannot have more than two successive mandates of 5 years (but can remain invited for consultative role and be re-invited at a following change of the Accreditation Committee without seating at least 2 years at the committee).

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