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Labels & Certification related to CSR and OSR

ethiquette-caethiquette is an information service which brings responsible product and service choices to Canadian consumers through this website and its bi-monthly electronic newsletter.

ethiquette Inc. is a social enterprise whose mission is to create social value for consumers and marketing value for eligible businesses. They seek to serve the needs of the conscientious consumer looking for options that reduce harm to the environment and help improve social conditions.

Responsible consumption is a way of integrating concerns for the environmental and the social effects of economic activity into our purchase decisions. It is about how we can use our buying power to contribute positively to society, to the environment and to the world as a whole.

To be considered responsible, a product or service appearing on ethiquette must positively distinguish itself on at least one of the four criteria below, and cannot be distinguished as a social or environmental offender in any other significant way:

  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Social Economy
  • Social ENterprise
  • Worker-Friendly.

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