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Labels & Certification related to CSR and OSR

Hermes-OSR Label

OSR 3 training moduleOSR 3 accredited trainingCertificate OSR 3 unit5Certificate OSR 3 full moduleThe Hermes-OSR label is the result of the Hermes-OSR project supported in the framework of the European vocational Leonardo da Vinci programme.

The aim of this label is to define a quality framework for training offers on Social Responsibility with common background across Europe.

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Norm on responsibility and Responsibility of norms: the ISO 26000 case

The ISO 26000 standard is the first international standard that may be qualified as fourth generation. After a long elaboration process which involved 80 countries and 40 international organizations, it should be published next year. Its precise designation is “guidance on social responsibility”.

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ISO 26000 - Guidelines for social responsibility

ISOISO, the International Organization for Standardization, has decided to launch the development of an International Standard providing guidelines for social responsibility (SR).
The guidance standard will be published in 2010 as ISO 26000 and be voluntary to use. It will not include requirements and will thus not be a certification standard.
Download this file (iso26000-desc_EN.pdf)iso26000-desc_EN.pdf[ISO and Social Responsibility]792 kB

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Relationship UNGC and ISO about ISO 26000


Thanks to twitter we have been able to learn quickly about the concerns of UNGC related to the future ISO 26000 and exchanges of point of views between the UNGC (United Nation Global Compact) and the ISO (International Standardization Organisation).

Hereafter is part of an article by the Global Compact Critics website on "ISO gently responds to terse letter from Global Compact".

Download this file (16741502-Letter-to-Mr-Robert-Steele-June-2009-on-ISO-26000.pdf)16741502-Letter-to-Mr-Robert-Steele-June-2009-on-ISO-26000.pdf[Letter to Mr Robert Steele June 2009 on ISO 26000 (downloaded from]38 kB
Download this file (16780542-Explanatory-Note-MoU-between-ISO-and-Global-Compact.pdf)16780542-Explanatory-Note-MoU-between-ISO-and-Global-Compact.pdf[Explanatory Note MoU between ISO and Global Compact (downloaded from]24 kB
Download this file (16810157-Memorandum-of-Understanding-between-ISO-and-UN-Global-Compact.pdf)16810157-Memorandum-of-Understanding-between-ISO-and-UN-Global-Compact.pdf[Memorandum of Understanding between ISO and UN Global Compact (downloaded from]721 kB
Download this file (17028048-Letter-to-Georg-Kell-from-ISO.pdf)17028048-Letter-to-Georg-Kell-from-ISO.pdf[Letter to Georg Kell from ISO (downloaded from]50 kB

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