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Charters & Rules related to CSR and OSR

Hermes-OSR Charter - Art. 8 - Capacity building

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Article 08 - Capacity building

The Hermes-OSR approach also pays a lot of importance to the empowerment of individuals and to the capacity building process of individuals and organisations.

Transferring Knowledge is considered as a basic function of the training and coaching process.

The added-value brought in by the Hermes-OSR training solution is more on the upper levels as indicated in the figure below depending on the learning path defined with the trainees and their progress along this path. The steps indicated in blue are directly supported by the Hermes-OSR training solution, and the final step reflecting “expertise” is more gained via practice and implementation and can be developed and supported via the Hermes-OSR Community.

Hermes-OSR Capacity building steps

Based on this capacity building path, is used to define the various levels of expertise in Hermes-OSR labellisation process as described in the table here below.

Hermes-OSR capacity building levels

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