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Charters & Rules related to CSR and OSR

Hermes-OSR Charter - Art. 6 - Quality Assurance & Audits

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Article 06 - Quality Assurance & Audits of the Hermes-OSR accredited training offers

The aim is to secure the objectives of the accreditation of OSR training offers as indicated in the “Hermes-OSR Labellisation”.
Quantified indicators will be defined on a practical basis by the Accreditation Committee after pilot and test cases conducted by the Hermes-OSR partners and first training organisations having an accredited Hermes-OSR training offer. These indicators should help measure recognition of the Hermes-OSR Label and relevance of the various training levels and the corresponding certificates.
Audit and feedback systems will be implemented and the training organisations having an accredited Hermes-OSR training offer must facilitate access to the information to the auditors. The objective of these audit and feedback system is to:

  • Improve the services delivered to the trainees and its sending organisation.
  • Ensure update of the accredited training offer and upgrade of the training resources of the training organisation
  • Enable better recognition of the Hermes-OSR Charter and its evolution.
  • Support the Hermes-OSR trainers/coaches/experts involved in the training offer and the Hermes-OSR practitioners in their professional life.
  • Guaranty transparent practice and terms of references in the Hermes-OSR labellisation process.
  • Facilitate transfer and empowerment of the Hermes-OSR knowledge, skills and competences to other target groups, cultures and organisations.
  • Keep open approach on OSR dimensions, their evolution and the emerging related concepts.

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