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Charters & Rules related to CSR and OSR

Hermes-OSR Charter - Art. 3 - Trainers, Coach-Practitioners and Experts

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Article 03. - Trainers, Coach-Practitioners and Experts

The training organisations having an accredited Hermes-OSR training offer should have the relevant and qualified trainers/coaches within their team. At least some permanent resources should be available internally to the training organisation.
Quantified indicators will be later defined by the Accreditation Committee on a practical basis.

  • The training organisations having an accredited Hermes-OSR training offer have to provide basic information on their trainers/coaches/experts:
    • Short CV/bio to illustrate
      • the experience and expertise level in the field (professional experience, academic activities ...)
      • the effective pedagogical capability (both in Education and in Training contexts)
      • the effective coaching capability, especially for practitioners (not the consulting side, but really the coaching aspect)
    • Number of hours/days per year for each trainer involved in terms of training/coaching and in terms of expertise or other activities
    • On which Hermes-OSR Modules and/or Unit a trainer is knowledgeable (knowledge about the content of the Hermes-OSR solution and corresponding field expertise/experience using the various levels indicated in the Capacity building process).
  • The training organisations having an accredited Hermes-OSR training offer have to provide information at the team level or at the organisation level:
    • How is the training organisation covering the accredited Hermes-OSR Modules? How does it manage inter-relations between Modules and sub-Units and credit system for the certificates? What is the diversity of the profiles in the team involved on the Hermes-OSR training solution within the organisation and how it supports the process?
    • How does the training organisation evaluate the initial level of the trainees and the acquired knowledge/skills/competences? How are delivered certificates (guidance and monitoring of the trainers + consistency across the trainers and between training sessions)?
    • What is the policy in terms of training delivery (courses, practical training, and case studies): pedagogical approach, support, guidance, mentoring/tutoring? How is provided support to the trainees (nature, availability)?
    • How does the training organisation implement professional simulation or in situ cases for each of their trainees (especially on Module 3 and Module 4)?
    • How feedbacks from trainees and their organisations are collected and taken into account?

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