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Charters & Rules related to CSR and OSR

Hermes-OSR Charter - Art. 1 - Training materials

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Article 01 - Training Materials

Only partners of the Hermes-R project and the training organisations having an accredited Hermes-OSR training offer can use the Hermes-OSR training materials and have to respect the following rules:

  • Obligation to use the Hermes-OSR training support.
  • Need to follow the Hermes-OSR training materials content in terms of Syllabus and Levels (sub-units within the Modules and/or Knowledge/Skills/Competences levels).
  • Possibility (and encouragement to enrich the content when needed depending on the target groups) to include external add-ons to the training content provided that:
    • These add-ons are not in opposition to the spirit or content of the training (if it is the case, the corresponding contradiction should be dealt with upstream with the Accreditation Committee or the Administrative Secretariat to solve any issue and to update the Hermes-OSR training solution if needed).
    • If specific training content and structure is designed to answer the training needs and learning path of a target group, and if re-designed training offer changes the structure of the syllabus and/or the way trainees progress are evaluated, then the training organisation should submit its new syllabus and evaluation system to the Accreditation Committee or the Administrative Secretariat under accelerated procedure in order to get it validated and registered. This validation and registration are needed prior to the training delivery to ensure future recognition by Hermes-OSR of the certificate delivered to the trainee by the training organisation.
  • Obligation to respect copyrights indications
  • Obligation to respect the Hermes-OSR graphical identity of the training materials. Layout and graphical identity can be adapted to reflect simultaneously the logo and name of the training organisation in an equivalent way to the Hermes-OSR indications.
  • Obligation to keep indication of the European Union and Lifelong Learning programmes logo, support and disclaimer. (as presented in the Acknowledgement part of the disclainer of the present site)
  • Contribution to enrich the case studies and the content of the Hermes-OSR training solution. In the future, this contribution will be taken into account in the Capacity building process and for the access level to tools, repositories and value added information in the intranet of the Hermes-OSR Community.

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