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Charters & Rules related to CSR and OSR

Hermes-OSR Charter - Art. 9 - Accreditation and Certification registries

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Article 09 - Accreditation and Certification registries

To be valid, Hermes-OSR accreditations and certifications have to be registered centrally at the Hermes-OSR Administrative Secretariat.
9.1.    Accreditation registry
Hermes-OSR accreditation for a training offer can be delivered for only one or several complete Hermes-OSR training Modules.
Hermes-OSR accreditations are valid for three years duration including the following commitments:

  • A minimum activity level on delivering Hermes-OSR training or coaching support per year is required: minimum 5 people trained each year for the corresponding Hermes-OSR accredited training Modules.
  • Clear objectives in terms of quality improvement on the basis of the results of the accreditation session.

The Hermes-OSR accreditations may be renewed by the Accreditation Committee on the basis of the activity generated by the training organisations on its accredited Hermes-OSR training offer, of the audits and feedback reports, of the dynamism provided to the Hermes-OSR Community by the trainees and their sending organisation, and of the adaptations and update/upgrade implemented by the training organisation to match the evolutions of the Hermes-OSR training solution since the previous accreditation.

The Hermes-OSR accreditation registry is available on-line.

9.2.    Certification registry
The certification of trainees is delivered by the trainers within the framework of a learning path defined in relation to an accredited Hermes-OSR training offer.
The certification can be delivered for a full Hermes-OSR Module or for a sub-unit of a Module.
The certifying trainer/coach and the certified trainee have both the obligation to register this certification via the on-line procedure at the Hermes-OSR Administrative Secretariat which is in charge of maintaining the Hermes-OSR certification registry.
Certificates are registered with the delivery date, the version of the Module/sub-Unit/specific learning path, including any prior learning indication if any.
When a certification for a supplementary sub-unit/credit is registered by a trainee, a supplementary test may be required on the previous certified units if major evolution occurred since. In that way, the sum of certificates on the sub-unit could lead to a full certificate on a module. If no major evolution in the content of the training or its structured occurred, then no supplementary test may be needed if all the sub-units have been certified and if the global syllabus is fulfilled.
Once the trainee registered the certification of a Module or a sub-unit, it provides him/her access to more information on the Hermes-OSR Community platform.

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