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Hermes-OSR European project

Hermes-OSR groupware and webconferencing solutions (semi-open tender)

euproject Webconference solutionUpdate January 2010:

- from 2007 to Dec 2009, Hermes-OSR project used the WebEx solution with a dedicated euproject site.

- from January 2010, Hermes-OSR changed for a GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar solution as it was integrating simultaneously phone and VoIP. Hermes-OSR will review it at end of 2010 and benchmark both solutions.

The information remains here below for traceability and transparency.

However, the Hermes-OSR project remains open to any suggestion or new tools that we could integrate as we are aware that technology and user-friendliness or interfaces are evolving quite rapidly in that field.

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ESCEMESCEM is at the origin of the Hermes-CSR project and the coordinator of the project.

ESCEM is specialised in Enterprise management. Since earlies 2000's, ESCEM has been pro-active in training related to CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility. Therefore, ESCEM is presently is considered as a quality player on the market for it s vocational training programme "Badge of Social responsibility".

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NBU - New Bulgarian University

NBUThe New Bulgarian University (NBU) was established in 1991.
Its mission is “to serve as environment for the development of socially concerned persons, prepared for the life under the conditions of democracy, civil society, market relations, European and world integration”.
Annually, 12 000 students and single-course students study at NBU. Up to 2006, 9 940 bachelors, masters and post-graduate students have graduated at the university.

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MAC-Team aisbl - The International Association of Multi-Actors Cooperation

MAC-TeamMAC-Team is the European Multi Actors Cooperation network. "aisbl" stands for international not-for-profit association, which is a legal structure under the Belgian law.

"Multi Actors" means that MAC-Team originates or participates to projects in which all the stakeholders of a problem or a topic are involved at a stage or another stage of the project in order to find appropriate solutions.

the MAC-Team aisbl is the result of a long term informal network started at the end of the 80's via collaborations in European projects. The first "MAC" project effectively using the acronym "MAC" in its name was approved in 1995. Since, many "MAC" projects have been implemented. The legal structure as such was created in 2005.

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APG - Portuguese Association of Human Resource Managers

APGThe Portuguese Association of Human Resource Managers (APG), founded in 1964, is a professional non profit organisation with national dimension, that represents the portuguese HR professionals and trainers.

APG has about 1 500 members and maintains a strong and stable growth annually. These members are coming from governmental and private organisations: health care services, consultancy, training and development, assurance, financial sectors, public utility.

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IAS - Institut International d'Audit Social

IAS - Institut International d'Audit Social

IAS - Institut International d'Audit Social

Organisations evolve in an increasingly complex world made uncertainties and characterized with many contradictions:

  • multiplication of procedures, rules and normes, which are going against logical autonomy and creativity support,
  • putting as primary values the economic dimension and the financial measurement before human resource and environment.

IAS has been created to design and implement rigourous approaches in the "social" field for decision makers. These approaches are based on facts and measurement to bring an objective point of view on areas which are too often biased by representations, judgments or ideologies.

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UAL - Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa

UAL - UNIVERSIDADE AUTÓNOMA DE LISBOA Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (U.A.L.) is a higher education establishment recognised by the Ministry of Education as an institution of public interest. Autónoma was founded by a cooperative, Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário (C.E.U.), on 13 December 1985.

The Cooperative itself is responsible for the economic and financial management of the University as a centre for the creation, transmission, and dissemination of culture, science and technology.

Today the university is a flexible structure, adaptable to the various demands and needs of its academic bodies. As mentor of this cultural project, C.E.U. has taken on the endeavour of providing the necessary conditions for academic research as a privileged means of knowledge and of developing a collaborative teaching/learning method.

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BILSP - Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy

BILSP - Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy

The Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy (BILSP) is a non-governmental, voluntary, independent, non-political and non-profit association established in September 2001.

The project objectives fully correspond to BILSP's mission in assisting the accession of Bulgaria to the European social space. In order to achieve the fulfillment of our mission we emphasize on building capacity for human resource development, and on achieving high level of social standards in the labour market through providing trainings, conducting social audits, making social and economic analysis and research, consultancy, etc.

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University of Craïova

University of CraïovaCreated in 1947, the University of Craïova offers excellent conditions of study to its 32000 students, in various fields embracing 120 specialisations in 17 faculties. The Teaching Package includes 3 stages of academic studies (BA, MA, Ph.D) that are ensured by over 1000 teaching staff and high technological equipment.

The Faculty of Economy and Business Administration has been created in 1966. Students and Enterprise employees are trained in several economic fields:

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