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Call for tenders issued for Hermes-OSR project by partners

Tender: Hermes-OSR Module 2 quality review


Hermes-R project aims at developing and testing 4 training modules on CSR for Human Resources in subcontracting SMEs
-    Module 1: Awareness: 2h- ½d – Managers, Decision Makers
-    Module 2: Inception: 1-3d – Managers, Core teams, staff
-    Module 3: Operation: 1w-3m – Operators, Personalised Learning Path (to Organisation’s needs)
-    Module 4: Executive MBA: 6m – OSR responsible + strategy.
The training modules are designed for a training of trainers approach (Modularity + Flexibility + Adaptability) with pool system of: slides + Pedagogical guidelines + cases + collaborative tools.


Draft modules have been prepared, but due to lack of resources within the partnership and for “bird eye view” in a quality approach aspect, the Hermes-R partnership contrite resources to achieve more complex modules (Module 3 and Module 4).

Module 1 has already been produced as a final draft.

Therefore the lack of resources appears on the Module 2 for which there is a need to revise existing components and to propose missing points to be covered in Module 2 if needed.

The results can be provided directly via the furniture of missing slides to be included into the Module 2 later on by the partnership or via a list of key amendments to the Module 2. These results (slides, pedagogical notes, cases, ...) should be provided free of use to the Hermes-R project by the Supplier (indication of contribution could be added to the training materials for the corresponding part upon request).

It is a review service with amendments expertise which is requested based on existing materials and based on the Hermes-R project context. Therefore, the budget for a maximum of 5 working days has been planned.

Tenders document are available here below. They were published on the 01/06/2009 for a deadline on the 01/07/2009.

In case you want more details or have complementary solutions, please contact us!

(initially published 1st June 2009)

Download this file (Call_for_Review_expert_HERMES_v02.pdf)Call_for_Review_expert_HERMES_v02.pdf[Tender dcument for the Review expertise tender on Hermes-OSR Module 2 content]112 kB
Download this file ([Very draft version of the Module 2 documents (slides + syllabus) for tender purposes]4754 kB

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