Call for tenders issued for Hermes-OSR project by partners

Hermes-OSR groupware and webconferencing solutions (semi-open tender)

euproject Webconference solutionUpdate January 2010:

- from 2007 to Dec 2009, Hermes-OSR project used the WebEx solution with a dedicated euproject site.

- from January 2010, Hermes-OSR changed for a GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar solution as it was integrating simultaneously phone and VoIP. Hermes-OSR will review it at end of 2010 and benchmark both solutions.

The information remains here below for traceability and transparency.

However, the Hermes-OSR project remains open to any suggestion or new tools that we could integrate as we are aware that technology and user-friendliness or interfaces are evolving quite rapidly in that field.

Hermes-OSR project would especially welcome any solutions which develop the gaming spirit into these communication services (as well for the groupware and collaborative services, as well for the training and cooperative action-training activities).

Invitation to make proposals to the Hermes-R project on integrated on-line collaborative and web-conferencing solutions.

So far, the Hermes-OSR project decided to implement the Webex training centre and conferencing tools as they have been proved efficient in other projects where MAC-Team is involved in (especially AFI-MAC and e-Dairy Farm projects). In a view of cost efficiency and leverage effect, MAC-Team has been able to negotiate conditions for implementing Webex tools on the Hermes-OSR project, but we are always ready to look for a more integrated, flexible and even more cost-efficient solution! So, if you provide or have experience in that area that you would like to share or if you would like more information on our WebEx platform and provider, please contact us!

(published 14th December 2007 on the website, but the call for offers was already sent out in October before the effective start of the Hermes-OSR project to be ready to collaboratively and remotely work asap.)

(initial publication on 14th December 2007)