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Partnership of the Hermes-OSR project

UAL - Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa

UAL - UNIVERSIDADE AUTÓNOMA DE LISBOA Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (U.A.L.) is a higher education establishment recognised by the Ministry of Education as an institution of public interest. Autónoma was founded by a cooperative, Cooperativa de Ensino Universitário (C.E.U.), on 13 December 1985.

The Cooperative itself is responsible for the economic and financial management of the University as a centre for the creation, transmission, and dissemination of culture, science and technology.

Today the university is a flexible structure, adaptable to the various demands and needs of its academic bodies. As mentor of this cultural project, C.E.U. has taken on the endeavour of providing the necessary conditions for academic research as a privileged means of knowledge and of developing a collaborative teaching/learning method.

UAL offers post-graduate courses that prepare students both academically and professionally for the job market. UAL excels at providing an open environment, where the exchange of ideas is welcomed so as to develop its own culture.

EGN - Escola de Gestão & Negócios The Escola de Gestão & Negócios (Management and Business School) has been created in 2002 within the UAL.

EG&N has a business school role and targets its activities towards enterprises and professional stakeholders by offering Executive MBAs and post-graduation courses on several topics:

  • a general EMBA
  • several EMBA's on Ethics, Social responsibility and Sustainable development
  • Some MBA's and post graduate courses by sectors on Tourism, Real estate, Sport management, SME's management, Pharmaceutical industry, etc.

EG&N is presently developing 2 research centres specialised on Ethics and social responsibility, and on Management of SME's.


UAL - SG&N contact for the Hermes-CSR project:

Maria Helena de Almeida Martins ANDRE - egnegocios [-at-] universidade-autonoma,pt

Luis BENTO - ocorreiodoluis [-at-] sapo,pt

UAL website:

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