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Hermes-OSR Training modules

Origin of the Hermes-OSR training solution

Hermes-OSR constructionThe Hermes-OSR training solution is specially designed to be used by training organisations, trainers and coaches to help Managers and Human Resources managers implement Social Responsibility in a practical and consistent way in their organisations and all along the supply chain (whatever the type of activity or organisations).

The Hermes-R project took place from November 2007 until December 2009.

Beyond the HR (Human Resources) channel to implement CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the project has been evolving to Hermes-OSR.

OSR relates to Organisation Social Responsibility, meaning that Social Responsibility is not and should not be restricted to Corporate, but as well to any type of organisations including SMEs, NGOs, Institutions (public and private) ...

Even though Social Responsibility has to be based on a voluntary approach by the organisations and the individuals, the Hermes-R project also extended this OSR acronym to the notion of Open Social Responsibility taking into account the triple helix approach based on the three dimensions: social/societal, environmental and economic.
The Hermes-R project was initiated jointly by ESCEM – The Business and Management School of Tours and Poitiers, by FLA the Fair Labor Association and the needs expressed in terms of Social Responsibility training and readiness by some European partners in Bulgaria (BILSP and NBU), Portugal (UAL and APG) and Romania (University of Craïova) for the sub-contracting SMEs in their country.

Download this file (Hermes-OSR-construction.png)Hermes-OSR-construction.png[Graphic on the Hermes-OSR construction process (EN)]52 kB

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