Hermes-OSR Training modules

Module 2 – Inception training on OSR

OSR2 - Module 2This Second module out of four of the Hermes-OSR training solution on Social Responsibility deals with an Inception training, the Organisation Social Responsibility, or also the Open Social Responsibility.
This training module can be delivered in various durations from 1 day up to 3 days, and eventually in several sessions. It target users who wants to better explore Social Responsibility and better understand where to start, the implications and what to include in their implementation plans.
This module 2 on Inception training on OSR includes the following chapters:

This module has been developed under the supervision of the University of Craïova (Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea) with the support of all the partners.
Download this file (Hermes-OSR_Module_2_Pedadogical_guide_EN_v06.pdf)Hermes-OSR_Module_2_Pedadogical_guide_EN_v06.pdf[Hermes-OSR - Pedagogical guide of Module 2 (EN)]282 kB
Download this file (Hermes-OSR_Module_2_Syllabus_EN_v06.pdf)Hermes-OSR_Module_2_Syllabus_EN_v06.pdf[Hermes-OSR - Syllabus of Module 2 (EN)]348 kB