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Can CSR be a driver for competitiveness in industrial sectors?

In November 2008 the European Commission announced co-financing or initiatives to support CSR in three industrial sectors: chemicals, textile and construction. All the initiatives are multistakeholder, involving actors such as industry associations, trade unions, NGOs and public authorities.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are themain target group.  Based on the experience of these projects, the European Commission aims to draw conclusions about whether and how CSR can be a driver for the competitiveness of different industrial sectors.


[Source: EUROPA - DG Enterprise and Industry on CSR]

Download this file (summaryimpronta.pdf)Improta project summary[Building Responsible project in the construction sector]80 kB
Download this file (summaryprisme.pdf)PRISME project summary[Promoting Responsibility In Small/Medium sized Enterprises]79 kB
Download this file (summary_scuola.pdf)COSMIC project summary[CSR Oriented Supply-chain Management to Improve Competitiveness ]81 kB