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CSR Concepts & Themes - Why...

From CSR to OSR, some food for thoughts

UAL The traditional CSR concept doesn’t include Social Economy and Public Administration on its framework. Be socially responsible means to have a soul and to act as a responsible citizen. To include social economy and public administration on CSR concept and framework we need another approach and a different concept.

OSR means an inclusive dimension of traditional CSR, break the company barriers, and spread the Social Responsible attitude towards society. In this article the author reveals new concept, new dimensions and new models, helping all kind of organizations to find its own way to progress and benchmark.

Table of content:

  • Present situation
  • The "Paris Group" in OSR
  • The Social Responsibility of Organisations - OSR
  • Bibliography


Source: part of an article published in "Management et Avenir", special issue on HERMES-OSR findings and results, by Luís Bento from UAL (Portugal).

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