CSR in Romania

2. The approach of the CSR at the University of Craiova, Romania

University of Craiove - RomaniaThe first steps in the CSR field at the University of Craiova, Romania have been achieved at the beginning of 2003, when for the first time for Romanian universities, the course "Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility" was carried out for three weeks.

This course was the initiative of the World Bank Institute - Washington and it was supported by a professor of the Faculty of Economy and Business Management.
The purpose of this course was to familiarize the students and the teaching staff of the University of Craiova with the basic elements of the CSR.
The advantages of this course consist in the fact that it allows the students to develop a series of basic abilities in the CSR field and to form a logical thinking.
The disadvantages of this course consist in the fact that there is no Romanian bibliographical material, the access to this course being possible only for English speakers.
In addition, students complained on one hand of the short time allotted for this course, and on the other hand of the small number of case studies to reflect the real, measurable advantages of the CSR promotion both for shareholders and for stakeholders.

Therefore the University of Craïova took the opportunity of the HERMES-OSR project to tackle these challenges and see how to develop a strategy for incorporating the CSR in the curricula of the University of Craiova.
The changes occurring internationally in the economic, social and environmental fields force universities to adapt to the requirements of the business environment and of local communities, by incorporating in their curricula the interdisciplinary concepts such as the CSR’s.
Under these circumstances several logical questions were raised:

  1. Are the universities, in general and Romanian ones in particular ready to reconsider the education process based on the principles of the CSR?
  2. Is there a lasting development or promoting strategy for the CSR?
  3. Is it necessary to modify the education plans in order to incorporate the principles of the CSR?
  4. What are the obstacles/diffi culties of the actual implementation?

(see the full article for detailed analysis of these 4 key questions the University of Craïova raised to tackle CSR challenges in Romania).

Source: part of an article published in "Management et Avenir", special issue on HERMES-OSR findings and results, by Adriana Schiopoiu BURLEA, Carmen RADU, Costel IONASCU, Marian SIMINICA, Liviu CRACIUN and Marius MITRACHE from the University of Craïova.