CSR overview in Europe and at International level

CSR and international organizations

European Alliance for CSR

In our globalized economy, the international bodies are more and more at the initiative of the development of the concept of CSR. For instance, the initiative of the World Bank which issues recommendations on the subject, and which also proposes lecture to raise awareness on CSR in enterprises.

This lecture has already been delivered to 12,000 persons in the world.

The European Commission is not in rest. Early 2006, it launched "The European Alliance for CSR". This initiative is implemented as a series of "forums" where companies, unions and experts exchange on the specific CSR issues, in a practical and action-oriented way. It is a space where the resources and the abilities of the stakeholders are implemented with an objective of sustainable development, economic growth and job creation.

More info: ec.europa.eu/enterprise/csr/alliance.htm