CSR in Bulgaria

4. Social partners and CSR in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Unlike most countries in Europe, trade unions in Bulgaria support the CSR ideas and are very useful partner in all initiatives in the field. One of them is the National Round Table for Introduction of Social Standards in Bulgaria.


At the meetings of the Round Table are represented:

The trade unions and employer associations are most motivated to help for introducing the CSR principles in Bulgaria and proof for that is the annual CSR conference: the national competition for Social Responsible Enterprises.

All these representatives invite companies that they are working closely with to participate in the competition. Patron of the first two conferences was the Minister of Labour and Social Policy which proves the importance of the event.

One small concern is that the employment associations work mostly at high level – communication with government structures, drafting annual plans and strategies, but are not very active at the companies’ level and sometimes companies lose contact with them. The conference is the opportunity for them to re-establish the links and good communication with the companies, and to identify their problems and wishes.


Source: part of an article published in "Management et Avenir", special issue on HERMES-OSR findings and results, by Dimitar MATEV, Zlatka GOSPODINOVA from the Balkan Institute for Labour and Social Policy (BILSP), and Georgi PEEV and Krassimir YORDANOV from the New Bulgarian University (NBU).