CSR overview by country

Hermes-OSR overview of CSR in Europe

Management et Avenir - special issue on HERMES-OSR and CSRA special issue from the research magazine "Management et Avenir" has been published with findings and needs analysis identified by the HERMES-OSR project and its partners.

The main point of the research about corporate social responsibility (CSR) carried out by our Hermes-OSR partners was to evaluate the current status of the CSR in various European countries and to elaborate the state of the art of CSR especially with SMEs and their relationship to paying orders companies in the value chain to identify:

This study and state of the art has been designed in the perspective of the Lisbon and the European Union to become a competitive and dynamic economy, characterized by economic, sustainable development and a qualitative and quantitative improvement of the working conditions and by a real social cohesion.

Corresponding articles are attached to each country presentation. This Management et Avenir publication also includes results and developments by HERMES-OSR project and partners and are presented in other sections of the present website.

Source: Hermes-OSR partners and "Management et Avenir"